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Coming Field Trip: Guangzhou 102:

1. June 2011: 2-6 June (Fully Booked)

2. June 2011: 16-20 June (Fully Booked)

3. July 2011: 30 Jun-4 July (Open For Registration)

4. September 2011: 22-26 September (Open For Registration)

Coming Kursus Usahawan Borong China: Guangzhou 101

1. 19th June 2011 @Kuala Lumpur (Open for Registration)

2. 25th June 2011 @Kuching, Sarawak (Open for Registration)

3. 26th June 2011 @Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Open for Registration)

For more info, please visit: http://BisnesBorongChina.com

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Welcome to Guangzhou!

The Great Minds Group would like to wish the December Trip Borong China participants, Bon Voyage and Welcome to Guangzhou!

Make lots of Dua when you're on the trip. May Allah show you the products you're looking for, found the best wholesale Market that suits your business and and get the best deal for your business. Keep your pen & notebook in hand, ok. You need to do lots of homework while you're there!

Ertinya: Ya Allah! Mudahkanlah kami bermusafir dan dekatkanlah kejauhannya. Ya Allah! Engkaulah menemani dalam pemergian dan Engkau pulalah yang melindungi keluarga.

Moga Allah mudahkan segala urusan. Amin.

Field Trip : Guangzhou 102 or Trip Borong China is the Travel Package (Ground) that we offer to Entrepreneurs who would like to experience Guangzhou the GREAT MINDS WAY!

Wholesale Master Course (WMC) : Guangzhou 101 or Kursus Usahawan Borong Dari China is a half-day-training for entrepreneurs who want to know how they can import products directly from suppliers in China.