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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Weather in Guangzhou

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Guangzhou weather during its hot season (May-September) is typically like Malaysia which is on average of about 30 Degree C. The cold season starts towards the end of the year till Spring in April. The lowest temperature is relatively equal to the night time at Cameron Highland. It can go as low as 10 Degree C from December to January.

Temperature Curve in Guangzhou (Source)

Rain showers are frequent during hot season. When we were in Guangzhou last July, the weather was very hot during the day and towards the evening, the rain began to start. Since we traveled by Metro most of the time, we definitely requires an umbrella. But the good new is, it's not hard to get one as you can buy it (very good quality, highly recommended) at the Metro station itself for RMB20 (roughly about RM10). Very convenient!

To those who are joining us to Guangzhou this December, you may need to bring along your sweater/wind-breaker/sweatshirt. The trick is to wear many layers (3 at most) of different tops (and lightweight) instead of wearing one bulky cashmere wool coat (with shirt inside of course). This is because, the marketplaces are well heated. We just need the warm clothing when we walk from the metro to the Wholesale Plaza, to and fro.

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Anyhow, as an entrepreneur, anytime of the year is a good time to go except for few special occasions held in Guangzhou. We will share with you the tips on booking your flight tickets during our Kursus Borong China: Guangzhou 101. On top of that we'll forewarned you the peak season and low season which is not advisable for you to go.

To those eager and energetic entrepreneurs that has registered for our course this Sunday, welcome on board! We are pleased to entertain your questions and kindly do some homework on how to get to Wisma Bling Lustre, Puchong if you're not familiar with that area. Many found that it's quite tricky to reach there especially if you don't have a GPS. Map to Wisma Bling Lustre can be found here.

Take care and have a good weekend to all!

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