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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Business Opportunity in Guangzhou

Have you ever been to a place where the price tag of everything is way cheaper than your home country?

If you're from Western Country, majority will experience this if you traveled to the East. Hey, we can be in the same shoes too if we went to China! (Indonesia and Vietnam alike).Your shopping spree in China can actually cover the whole expenditure of your holiday if you know where and what to buy. Just put on your thinking cap, hold your calculator and start shopping!

Almost 80% of those who came to our courses and joined our trips are fresh-from-oven-entrepreneurs. They have capital to invest and in their learning stage to start a business. They are open minded and saw Guangzhou from birds' view, hence seeing everything as an opportunity to make money.

We always encourage them to at least bring some cash equivalent to how much they have invested to join the trip to China. We can ensure the Wholesale Markets in Guangzhou that we'll be showing you can at least generating 200% return on investment (ROI). All you need to do is know your market and do your marketing!

One Russian boy, "accidentally" discovered the great potential of Guangzhou from his holiday when he was 14. Read his story below, courtesy from LifeOfGuangzhou.com.

Although Eugene (Евгений in Russian) is only 29 years old, he already ranks ninth in the list of commercial elites published by the Russian magazine Finans. Surprisingly, he is the only one on the list who made his money abroad, and the place he chose to settle in was Guangzhou, China's manufacturing center.

Eugene's parents were solicitors and both he and his sister majored in law at university. He originally intended to become a lawyer in Russia but his passion for China took him down a very different path. It all started when he was fourteen years old. During the summer holidays he traveled to Heilongjiang Province, an eight hours journey from his home in Khabarovsk. Surprised at how cheap Chinese bicycles were, he bought four bikes that he then resold five times the original price. Seeing so much money, his mother at first suspected him of stealing. This initial trip led to many more and soon this small business was earning him more money than his mother's annual salary.

At sixteen, Eugene had the opportunity to study Chinese for two years at the Northeast Agricultural University in Harbin. Finally in 2004, together with a friend, he started a logistics company in Shenzhen. When his partner decided to leave China in 2006, Eugene moved to Guangzhou to make full use of the city's complete industrial supporting facilities and advantages concerning prices and marketing channels.
Today, his consulting firm has become a bridge between Russian merchants and Chinese markets. With six branches in large Chinese cities such as Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Shanghai, his parents' initial disappointment has given way to a strong feeling of pride.

(By Estella Wang and David Keyton)

From his success story, we can conclude that anyone can make a profitable business from going to Guangzhou. You don't need an MBA to start a business. You can be anyone; an engineer, a magazine Editor, a lawyer, an accountant, a mathematician, a teacher, an Ustaz, a student, a housewife, a chef, and the list is endless. All you need is a strong will power and good strategy to get started. Let us take care for the rest of your learning journey in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou has changed the way Eugene and us doing business. We're pretty sure, it will do the same to you too.

Come and join our last Kursus Borong China (Guangzhou 101) of the year, 5th December 2010 at Wisma Bling Lustre.


Field Trip : Guangzhou 102 or Trip Borong China is the Travel Package (Ground) that we offer to Entrepreneurs who would like to experience Guangzhou the GREAT MINDS WAY!

Wholesale Master Course (WMC) : Guangzhou 101 or Kursus Usahawan Borong Dari China is a half-day-training for entrepreneurs who want to know how they can import products directly from suppliers in China.